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Sell my BMW with Money4YourMotors

With over 10 years of buying used cars, alongside millions of valuations, our friendly team are ideally placed to help you sell your BMW.

We accept a wide range of BMW models, no matter their condition or mileage. Complete a free online valuation to find out how much your car could be worth.

How to sell your BMW

Our valuation process is designed to be convenient, fair and hassle-free, no matter which BMW model you’re thinking of selling.

  1. Complete your initial valuation in seconds online

  2. We’ll be in touch to arrange an appointment, with no obligation to sell 

  3. Our vehicle purchasers will come to your home or work to inspect the BMW in person, and offer you a final price

  4. We’ll arrange for free collection, and provide instant payment by bank transfer before we leave

Which BMWs do we buy?

We accept a wide variety of BMWs from 2004 onwards here at Money4YourMotors, including those purchased on finance.

Over the years we have bought thousands of BMW models, such as the 1 Series, 3 Series and 5 Series.

How can I get the best price for my BMW?

If your BMW isn’t in the best condition, don’t panic: we’ll still consider buying your vehicle even if it’s not perfect.

To prepare for the sale, give your car a good clean inside and out and make sure it’s been MOT’d within the last 3 months. This will help you sell your car quickly while still getting a fair price.

You’ll also need to make sure your service history is up-to-date, whether you update it manually or digitally, and provide an order sheet showing any additional features you’ve added to your BMW from new, or over the years.

Check your alloys

As BMWs tend to have sporty alloy wheels, curb rash (also known as kerb rash) is a common issue. This can leave your car with scratched and scuffed alloys, as well as structural damage over time, so make sure you check your wheels over before you come to sell.

While we can accept your car no matter what condition it’s in, repairing any cosmetic issues will help you to get the best price possible.

Make sure you’ve got your BMW tool kit

If your BMW is a newer make, it’s likely to have run-flat tyres, rather than a spare tyre in the boot. Because of this, BMW will provide you with a tool kit when you purchase the car. It’s a good idea to keep your tool kit to hand when you come to sell your car, so the new owner or dealership has everything they need to hand.

You’ll find your tool kit underneath the cover in your boot, on the driver’s side.


With their reputation for luxury and classic features, BMWs usually have excellent resale value. As with all cars though, the value can drop depending on the mileage and overall condition of your vehicle.

If you’ve looked after your car and carried out regular services over the years, you can expect to get the best price possible for your BMW.

Thanks to common electrical issues in older models, the BMW 7 Series is regarded as the most likely to depreciate over the years. According to Motor1, 61.8% of value is lost within five years.

Prepare to sell your car with ease, thanks to our expert selling advice.