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Finding out how much your car is worth only takes a few clicks. Get a free, no-obligation car valuation (or van valuation!) in seconds, whether you’re browsing or ready to sell. We offer competitive, independent pricing and accurate valuations on UK-registered cars from 04 plates to current models.



How much is my car worth?

Our free, fast process lets you find out what your car or van is worth in 4 simple steps.

  1. Enter your registration
  2. Add a few basic details about your vehicle, including mileage
  3. Fill in your contact info
  4. Receive your free online valuation instantly

If you accept our quote, our friendly team will get in touch and arrange an online inspection appointment as soon as possible, at a day and time convenient to you. They’ll complete a final inspection of your vehicle and collect it from you, all for free. We offer next day appointments – and same day appointments if possible – to get your car valued, sold and collected as quickly as possible.

Our payment process is quick and easy, too – we'll pay you via instant bank transfer before we drive your car away.

What factors impact the value of my car or van?

• Car brand and model
• Industry-standard values
• Mileage and age
• Damage and imperfections
• Full service history
• Optional extras
• Number of previous owners

How does Money4YourMotors value my car or van?

We use our database to determine how much your car or van is worth by industry standards, considering factors like age and mileage, which can increase depreciation, and benchmarking against competitors to give you the best price.

What impacts the value of my car?

As long as it’s roadworthy, we’ll accept older cars, newer cars, those with wear and tear and those that have been remodelled. Your vehicle’s history will usually impact how much it’s worth:

• Brand and model
• Industry-standard values
• Mileage and age
• Damage and imperfections
• Full service history
• Optional extras
• Number of previous owners

Why should I get my car valued?

Whether you’re selling or buying your car, getting it valued gives you an accurate pricing benchmark to work from, making sure you get a fair deal when you come to sell. Knowing your vehicle’s value in real terms is useful when you’re looking for insurance, too.


Our friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions you have about valuing your vehicle. Find out more about getting your car ready for a smooth sale.


With over 10 years of experience in buying cars and vans, we have a wealth of expertise in the used car marketplace. We regularly review our pricing to ensure that we’re offering competitive quotes in the current market.

You can get a close estimate of your car’s current value by completing an online valuation. Once you’ve got an idea of how much your car or van could be worth, our team will arrange an online inspection appointment to make sure the quote is accurate and fair for both parties.

Your initial valuation is determined by both the mileage details you give, and our computer database. Your final offer is conducted during the online inspection appointment once we’ve inspected your vehicle’s condition and paperwork. If your car has seen significant wear and tear, you might find that your final offer is different from your original quote.

Book value simply refers to your car’s value at the point you want to sell it on. Thanks to mileage and everyday depreciation, your book value will usually differ from your trade value.

Our online inspection appointments take place on a day and time that’s convenient for you. Whether you’d prefer to have your car valued at your office during your lunch break or at home over the weekend, our vehicle buyers will arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.